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Juno Award, Canadian Screen Award and 2-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominated singer-songwriter Peter Katz has been described by many of his fans and speaking clients as "a thunderbolt for the soul”.

Alongside his career as an international recording artist, Peter Katz serves clients across the globe by delivering highly customized ‘Keynote Concerts’. Going beyond the standard keynote presentation format, Peter utilizes customized-to-your-audience performance enhancers with meaningful musical anchors. The end result is an audience transformed by the power of his message and the authenticity of his delivery, helping them see their purpose through new eyes.

“Peter's presentation changed peoples' lives. His ability to connect to people’s souls is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. To be the highest standard of being a storyteller is to be like Peter Katz". Jeff Pulver - Vonage Founder and VOIP Pioneer

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Change is the name of the game in today’s world. Change is also one of our highest sources of anxiety and one of our biggest emotional obstacles. Peter speaks to the heart of the emotions surrounding change and helps create an internal infrastructure to not only weather the storm, but to ride the waves of uncertainty to new opportunities, impact and innovation.

“In our business, like any other competitive business, we’re constantly challenged, have tough decisions to make, things are changing all the time. Being comfortable in that sort of space was actually at the core of Peter’s message. We had 1100 managers at these sessions, all varied in their backgrounds, none of them connected to the music industry, but Peter’s down to earth approach was incredibly relatable, which was so important in allowing the team to self-reflect. We had a lot of fun, the mix of songs and stories was a great format; we got very consistent feedback from all 5 of sessions that Peter did for us across the country. I would hire him again in an instant”.

Declan Brady – Senior Vice President, Field Operations, Bell Canada


Beyond the emails, phones calls and meetings, what is it that you’re actually doing and who are you doing it for? Peter helps your employees and members zoom out from the daily grind to get a bird’s eye view of the real work that they’re actually doing and connect to its potential impact. That reminder is a powerful catalyst for a newfound sense of motivation and inspires new perspectives for creative thinking and innovation.

“Peter created a customized message for our leaders based on our retreat theme. The reaction that we got was that he really spoke to their hearts. He pulled them in emotionally. It wasn’t just about knowing how to be a leader and the things that you do and the knowledge that you have; it really was about speaking to our leaders from the heart, and pulling on their heartstrings to remind them of why they do what they do every day and the people and clients that we serve. It was a beautiful moment”.

– Amber Smith – Learning and Development Specialist – Ontario Shores CMHS


We can’t help others unless we help ourselves. Through Peter’s Lifelines concept, Peter leads by example in encouraging attendees to nurture relationships with key people in their lives for whom there’s no disconnect between who they need to be on the outside and how they feel on the inside. In an age where mental health has never been more talked about or understood as vitally important, Peter’s keynote pierces the heart and mind and provides a platform for meaningful dialogue and support to happen.

“I felt like he understood me and I understood him. There were 400 people in the room but it felt like we were connected”

– Michael Landsberg – Legendary TSN anchor and Host of ‘Off The Record’


No amount of expectations, deadlines or performance targets can compete with an employee who genuinely believes in what they’re doing. That deep internal motivation and passion propels your team members to surpass their usual targets and move themselves and the organization forward in the process. Peter helps your team drop in and connect to their purpose in the work that they’re doing, leading to a new level of output performance that you didn’t think was possible.

“His speaking was so inspirational and unlike any other speaker that I’ve seen before. The way he mixed the songs and stories, the way he relates to you and brings out the emotion in you, all combine so that at the end of it you are inspired to do greater things.”

– Steven Nerayoff – Founder and CEO of Cloudparc & Alchemist

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Connected Cultures at Corporate Conferences and Association Member Gatherings

When your employees enjoy their workplace and feel a deeper sense of connection with each other, it creates space for unexpected collaboration and innovation, and an emotional infrastructure to see it through over the long run. Similarly, within a conference setting, Peter is a catalyst for meaningful connection between attendees, turning a typical conference into an experience they’ll never forget.

“In our 5 year history of operating this conference we have not had the type of meaningful feedback and positive response to a keynote speaker like we got for Peter Katz. He made a huge impact on the group and caused so many important conversations to happen”.

– Sara Bentham – Xcelerate Summit

“I go to a lot of conferences. I’ve never seen people get as emotionally involved at a conference as what I saw happen during and after Peter spoke”

– Jeff Lehman – Mayor of the City of Barrie”

Engaged Employees and Members at Appreciation or Professional Development Days

An employee who feels seen and appreciated is an employee who will remain loyal to the brand and build their future within the organization. Through Peter’s customization, he tells YOUR story with custom-crafted stories and relevant songs that help your organization celebrate milestones, feel refreshed and appreciated on a professional development or staff appreciation day, a year-end wrap up or a kick-off to a new year/quarter. Clients frequently say that it’s a breath of fresh air for their employees to have a keynote that is inspiring while also being entertaining, fun and highly engaging.

“We expected a lot from Peter after doing our research, but he absolutely exceeded all of our expectations. He was incredible from start to finish. I laughed, I cried, I cried from laughing so hard. A lot of what he brought into his talk was really reflective of us, and what we do here. I think his messaging hit home with everyone in the room. It was an hour that we will never forget and we are so grateful for this incredible day”.

– Kathleen Gratton, Director of Support Services at SBCI

Energized Entrepreneurs at Conferences and Retreats

With so many parallels between a life in the arts and the life of the entrepreneur, Peter provides a powerful and inspiring analogy that allows entrepreneurs to stay the course through the hard times and navigate the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship. In fact, many of Peter’s most impactful talks have been at entrepreneurial conferences, business networking events and any gathering of individuals where self-motivation is key to their success.

“The amount of people that walked up to us afterwards, with tears in their eyes, who said that he had absolutely changed their lives… I can’t even count on 2 hands, it was unbelievable”

– Daniel Levine – Fireside Conference Founder

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