Still Mind Still (2012)

Recorded in a cabin in the woods far away from the bustle of city life, Peter’s latest studio record “Still Mind Still” finds stillness in a chaotic world. This collection of songs features “Still Mind Still”, “Little One”, “It Was You” (with Emma-Lee), “Thunder In Your Chest” and “Dear” amongst others. Rob Szabo lends his hand and ears once again as this album’s producer.


“If you want to relax, contemplate, meditate, and be swept into a quieter place than this bustling world normally offers, Peter Katz’ “Still Mind Still” is the remedy for the common “wtf” of everyday life.” – Velvet Rope

“If talent alone ensures success, then the hard-working singer/songwriter [Peter Katz] will soon be a name on everyone’s lips” – The Record

“One of the most promising songwriters of our time.” – B.Y.E. Magazine

“Still Mind Still is an understated folk record that shows off strong songwriting, inspired playing and honest performances … The record feels intimate because, well, it is intimate … Everything he does is centered on the importance of forging meaningful connections” – Verb

“Clearly, the heart-wrangling minstrel will stop at nothing to pull on our heartstrings” – Exclaim

“Peter Katz’s Still Mind Still stands as a warming, confident, and illuminating work of contemporary folk” – Cadence