City of Our Lives is the startling and daring new album from Peter Katz. Rhythmically inclined, streaked with gossamer synths and sensitively attuned lyrics, the album feels like an ecstatic free-fall into the unknown. And that’s the point. Peter quite literally fell off of a cliff. It’s a crazy story; he had to overcome huge hurdles because of it, and it was a big driver for creating this record.

“Part of what I wanted to do with this new music is to not have it be just about my story. It’s in there – it’s all in there – but I think that my older approach to writing was about holding on rather than letting go. This music feels like letting go to me. And I hope that when people hear it, they can hear their own story in it too and that maybe it can help them feel like letting go.”

With plenty of glittery synth sounds and charming melodies, Katz is certainly offering up the best of current pop sounds. What sets him further apart is his always-wonderful, emotive voice and excellent, clear way with lyrics. He knows what he wants to get across, and he says it concisely, it all makes sense, and it all hits home. That’s a grand skill in any kind of writing.” Bob Mersereau – Top 100