Peter Katz and The Curious

Katz’s full-band recording with his former band ‘The Curious’. With big sound and dynamic range, “More Nights” was recorded at the legendary Metalworks and Hive studios in Toronto. Featuring songs like Forgiveness, Posters and I Do, this was Peter Katz and the Curious’ first and only full-length studio recording.


“Beautiful and intimate, More Nights is an album from a young Canadian artist that shows true musical brilliance. More Nights deserves to explode onto the indie rock scene and hopefully gets Peter Katz the credit he deserves for creating such enjoyable, personal folk music.” – Jordyn Marcellus, Gauntlet

“Lyric and vocal virtuosity” – Chart Attack

“A gifted, eloquent songwriter” – View Mag

“One of the most promising songwriters of our time” – B.Y.E

“Katz resembles kindred spirit Ron Sexsmith and his subtle acoustic charm, while channeling Hawksley Workman’s grief stricken vocals. The music is reinforced by Katz’s genuinely heartbreaking take on modern day love-tragedies………More Nights begs the question: why is such a talented songwriter with such well-crafted pop songs still an independent artist” – Jason Gladu, Pop Journalism Magazine

“”[Katz] breathes life into Buckley’s unique stream of folk music and for a moment garners smiles from those who worshiped the genre. But Katz by no means lives in Buckley’s shadow. He carves his own niche in the industry and delivers a unique blend of folk with a vintage sound.. Peter Katz embodies Canadian folk” – Andrew Seale, Spill Magazine

“His lyrics are brilliantly descriptive which allows you to escape into a world that he creates. No lack of talent here” – SoulShine

“A gifted songwriter blessed with a gorgeous, warm voice” – See Magazine