First of the Last to Know (2010)

First of the Last to Know features guests like Academy Award Winner Glen Hansard, the Good Lovelies and Melissa McClelland, as well as fan-favourite tunes such as Oliver’s Tune, Dangerous, The Fence, Carried Away, ‘Til You Come Home, and the title track, First of the Last to Know. The album was recorded in the beautiful Barn Window Studios in Ontario and produced by Rob Szabo.


“His lyrics are honest, his vocals are crisp, and his sound makes listeners melt. Try listening to lines like “I’ll leave the light on ’till you come home” without getting goosebumps” – London Free Press

“A beautifully orchestrated masterpiece” – NxEW

“Peter is one of those storytellers who is mastering the key to crafting great pop songs: distilling. He wastes no words, leaves no heads scratched, engages hearts with stories we know, and leaves enough space for listeners to storyboard their own imaginary music videos. Stories of love, respect, gratitude, dangerous lovers, encouragement, following one’s bliss, loneliness, and an incredible tribute to the late Oliver Schroer” – Andy Frank, Roots Music Canada

“Katz is impressive in his own right. His acoustic style doesn’t languish, but instead slowly entices the listener with personal stories and anecdotes. ‘Carried Away’ finds Caroline Brooks (of the Good Lovelies) adding an intertwining vocal and the effect is arresting” – Line of Best Fit

“He’s able to stand side by side with national (and international) talent, relish the experience and still hold his own” – Herohill