I am surrounded and supported by the finest folks on earth.  There are WAY more people than I have room to mention here, but here are an extra-special few I wanted to highlight.

Matt Hryhorsky

Amazing designer, web-guru and musician. He not only made this beautiful website, he also makes beautiful music. Check out www.matt-york.com and www.filamentlab.com

Justin Broadbent

Designer, photographer, filmmaker, visual artist.  Justin did the artwork and many photos for ‘More Nights’, ‘First of the Last to Know’ and ‘Still Mind Still’.  An artistic legend in the making, I really believe that.  www.justinbroadbent.com

Gabrielle Raill

Designer, photographer, web-maker, purveyor of joy and good vibes.  Gab did the design for ‘Live at the Music Gallery’ as well as my posters and postcards.  Such a pleasure to work with, she deserves your love.  www.railldesign.com 

Rob Szabo

If you want to be inspired and learn about hard work, spend some time with Rob.  Not only did he produce ‘First of the Last to Know’ and ‘Still Mind Still’, he’s also an amazing singer-songwriter in his own right.  If you’re thinking about making a record, you should be thinking about getting in touch with Rob Szabo.  www.robszabo.com

Melissa Dozois

Documentary filmmaker extraordinaire, Melissa’s intimate and personal approach to documentary filmmaking is a truly special thing.  She made the short docs about ‘First of the Last to Know’ and ‘Still Mind Still’ and should be making something for you. www.vimeo.com/melissadozois

Scott Cooper

Amazing musician, mix engineer and human, Scott mixed ‘Live at the Music Gallery’ and makes some darn beautiful music in his own right.  I don’t think you’ll meet a nicer man.

Tim Abraham

Without a doubt, the best ears in the business, Tim mixed and engineered ‘Still Mind Still’, mixed ‘First of the Last to Know’ and produced ‘More Nights’.  He’s a total pro and all-round great guy.  www.timothyabraham.com

Mitch Fillion/Southern Souls

Mitch is another legend in the making.  He created the Southern Souls one-shot videos for my last 2 records and blew me away with his professionalism, efficiency and artistic instincts.  I know his work is pretty well-known at this point, but I had to underline the already well-underlined point as he really deserves it.   www.southernsouls.ca

Horizon Arts Camps

An incredible arts camp for inner-city youth, I believe so strongly in the work that they’re doing.  They are so deserving of your support, please take a look around and see all the amazing things that they’re up to. www.horizonartscamp.org

Project Humanity

Another hugely important organization doing great work in our city and beyond.  They’re salt of the earth people making theatre and organizing events that really matter and make a difference.  www.projecthumanity.ca

Godin/Seagull Guitars

Also generous sponsors and makers of fine Canadian guitars.  I play the Seagull Artist for all my open-tuning songs and the Godin Multiac Jazz when I go electric.  www.godinguitars.com

Skate 4 Cancer

Rob Dyer is a gem of a human doing unbelievable work out in the world.  Friend and hero, so deserving of your support. www.skate4cancer.com

Uncalled For

Laughter is the best medicine and no group makes me laugh harder than these good friends and performers.  www.weareuncalledfor.com


Our national treasure and my constant road companion.  Save the CBC, love the CBC, we need the CBC.  www.cbc.ca