Hi friends,

I will be launching my brand new single ‘Paper Thin’ on Friday April 10th. It’s probably my most favourite thing I’ve ever made, and I feel like I’ve been working my whole life so I could put music like this out into the world.

The night before new music comes out, it’s always a pretty special moment. I would love to be in that moment together. So… I’m hosting a special online listening party the night before at 8 pm EST. I’ll be giving you a sneak peak of the song, the music video, playing live for you, answering questions, and maybe even doing a couple of rounds of my now infamous Cranium cards. Bring your beverage of choice, some snacks, some good headphones, and we’ll have an entertaining and fun hangout together. You can catch the broadcast either on my Facebook Page or my YouTube page. See you then and there, love P