Lay It On Me – Video Premiere!

Lay It On Me – Official Video Premiere!

I’m incredibly proud to be able to present to you my brand new video for ‘Lay It On Me’. Once again director Christopher Mills (of the ‘Brother’ video fame) has outdone himself to create a work of art that I feel like I can love as separate from me and as part of me. I’m also so delighted to say that Performer Magazine in the US of A is giving it it’s official worldwide premiere, pretty cool thing.

I wrote this song (alongside Karen Kosowski and Sophie Delila) originally with one person in mind, but it has come to bring up so many people in my heart every time I sing it. From watching the people I love get sick and pass away, to working with young people struggling to find their place in the world, to watching friends struggle under the weight of life, that feeling of wanting to bear the burden for someone you love is a recurring one in me. The timing of this video feels just right at this point in my life, sometimes the art is one step ahead (it almost always is).

Alright enough from me, this is Christopher’s baby, so I’m going to let his work do the talking. With love and thanks, P

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